VOIP Benefits – 4 Reasons to Go With VOIP

The voice over internet protocol is the device which transmits the voice messages from one person to another through the internet but now, there are a lot of benefits of voice over internet protocol which helps you in getting a competitive edge over all other companies. The call route system on your computer which is easy to use and a unified system all over the office or even many offices. The voice over internet protocol is the system which changes your ISDN connection into single IP and can offer up to 700 channels with good speed, reliability, and security. These benefits are increasing the efficiency and the productivity of the business that is why many of the businesses are switching to voice over internet protocol from the old tradition telephony services or many other services but there are some of the reasons that why people get attracted to this service and like it so these reasons are given below:


Voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, caller ID blocking, these are the free features which generally have in VoIP service but as compared it with any standard telecommunication company you will see that they will charge extra for adding these features on. If you do want to add some more features than you can get things like: Find Me Follow Me (rings your home number first, then your work, do not disturb and etc.

Phone cost

The biggest benefit of wholesale sip termination is it reduces the cost of phone bills. Even you can use internet with full speed and unlimited. You can cut down the landline phone calls and long distance phone calls bills. Many people want a good speed internet but a voice over the internet gives good speed, VoIP calls which reduce the cost of maintenance, equipment, and lines. It is always free in this offer. Today if we check that a telephonic service from a standard telecommunication has cost almost 23- 38 dollar per month but if you see that voice over internet protocol average cost range is about 8-15 dollar per month there is a huge difference if you see both services. This can help you in saving more money.

Call quality

This is usually the biggest thing which people say and switch to voice over internet protocol provider from the standard phone services. This is usually the biggest argument while they comparing phone service to voice over internet protocol but this is just a rumor because as now even many branches of government are beginning to use voice over internet protocol.


The best thing in voice over internet protocol is that there is no hard and fast rule or even not a major installation issue when you implemented a new handset. So when you want to put a connection in ISDN you should have to have an engineer and physical line installed. This thing will reduce the amount of commotion in the office work while even the working is happening. This thing also helps you in growing and expanding your business